About Prime Instruments, Inc.

About Prime Instruments Inc

Founded in 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio, Prime Instruments is an OEM supplier of panel meters, gauges, fuel senders and related accessories.

Our products are incorporated into automotive and industrial battery chargers, electric personal carriers, industrial lift machinery, emergency lighting equipment, cable television power supplies, engine monitoring gauges, marine applications, welding equipment and many other applications.

Many of our meters and gauges have been engineered to function for the application they were designed for. We have submitted our gauges to independent testing labs for test to ensure they will pass the environment of their end use.

Many of our standard cases incorporated snap-in designs for ease and speed of assembly. In addition to our standard sizes, we have tooled numerous case designs for specific customer applications.

Custom dial art, pointer colors, customer logos, LED warning lights and other features making the product unique are all standard practices.